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Featured Radar Lures - Made in the USA

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About Us

Radar Lures designed for all fish catching skills

The name Radar started when we got a new Springer puppy about 30 years ago. Radar's name came about because I would try and hide from him but he could always zero in on where I was. It was like he had Radar. About that time I was working on a new jig design that worked better then a Texas rigged worm. The new jig was perfect because you could rig it weedless with just about any plastic bait you wanted to fish. Once it's rigged your ready to start fishing rocks and weeds. It allowed you to search where the fish live. So why not call the jig Radar because of how it zeroed in on the fish. Many family and friends have used a few different prototypes over the years and we finally have the right design. Easy to rig, Easy to fish and it's weedless and very simple to use anywhere you want to fish. The 4 sizes allow you to use spinning gear up to flipping sticks with braid. 

Try some and you'll see that "They Find Fish"

(Photo) Ryan age 5 with his first 5 lb bass on a Radar jig & worm

"Fish tested in the state of 10,000 lakes"

Radar Lures offers unique jig designs 

* Fewer selected fish catching colors 

* All jigs are designed for all fish catching skills

* Tournament tested and proven

* Radar Lures are fished all across the country

Radar Lures are made in the USA

Radar Lures goal is to keep designing and testing new lures so our customers can catch more fish. 

Our success is only determined by the number of fish you catch using Radar Lures.

Thank You

Brad and Ryan Klatt

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Radar Lures

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